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Wisconsin Medigap Insurance

Medigap Insurance Wisconsin

When people become old enough to qualify for Medicare, they often think that their worries about paying for healthcare are over. Lots of folks have the mistaken impression that all of their medical expenses will be paid for once they are under the umbrella of Medicare. While Medicare is a great help to senior citizens, it does not offer the complete blanket of coverage that many people think it does. There are many gaps in Medicare coverage that force seniors to make up the difference. In order to avoid paying for these gaps, seniors should sign up for Medigap Insurance Wisconsin (Medicare Supplement insurance).

Wisconsin Medigap Insurance

How Wisconsin Medigap Insurance Works

Every senior citizen in Wisconsin has the guaranteed legal right to buy Medigap Insurance Wisconsin that will keep them from having to pay money out-of-pocket for the medical expenses that Medicare fails to cover. There are many different plans that they have to choose from, which will allow them to select the perfect coverage to suit their needs.

Medigap Wisconsin Open Enrollment Period

For the first six months after a person enrolls for Part A and Part B of Medicare coverage, it is possible to sign up for Medigap Insurance Wisconsin. It is important for seniors to sign up for their Wisconsin Medigap coverage while this open enrollment window is open. During this six-month open enrollment period, all Medigap Wisconsin insurance providers must accept everyone who applies no matter what preexisting conditions they have. Once this window closes, insurers will no longer be required to accept people who want to acquire Wisconsin Medigap coverage. However, there are no insurance providers that have this continuous open enrollment for their Wisconsin Medigap Insurance policies throughout the year. It is always best for seniors to try to get their Medigap insurance sorted out inside of the six-month open enrollment program to ensure that they get the best policy for their needs. You still may apply outside of this window but the provider may turn you down based upon previous health conditions.

Wisconsin Medigap

30-Day Free Look

One of the best features of Wisconsin Medigap Insurance policies is that most feature a 30-day trial period. During the initial 30 days of coverage, seniors can try out their Medigap Wisconsin policies to see if they fit their needs well. During this 30-day period, seniors need to be sure to give their Medigap insurance policies a thorough look to ensure that they will be happy with all aspects of the Wisconsin Medigap Insurances policy.


Once senior citizens have signed up for a Medigap Wisconsin policy, they are guaranteed to be able to renew the policy for the rest of their lives. This assures them that they will always be able to keep the benefits of a particular Wisconsin Medigap policy that they particularly enjoy.

However, renewability does not mean that the rates are locked in when renewing. The insurance companies are free to raise the rates on Wisconsin Medigap Insurance at their discretion. That makes it important for seniors to look for insurance providers that have a history of keeping their rates stable. They should also have a reputation for giving their enrollees ample warning before they raise their rates, which allows them to have plenty of time to look for more affordable coverage if they need to do so.

Common Exclusions

Like almost all medical insurance policies, Medigap Insurance Wisconsin does have exclusions. Common things that are excluded under Medicare Supplemental insurance coverage in Wisconsin include cosmetic surgery, eye glasses, hearing aids, private duty nursing, prescription drugs and dental work. Seniors need to be sure to look at the exclusions before they sign up for a Medigap policy in order to avoid being surprised by them down the road.

Medigap Insurance Wisconsin

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