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South Carolina Medigap Insurance

Medigap Insurance for South Carolina Residents

According to the South Carolina Department of Insurance, consider any reasons to purchase South Carolina Medigap Insurance. South Carolina Medigap is a form of health insurance coverage distributed by private insurers to fill in any potential gaps of the subscriber’s Medicare plan policy. Medigap Insurance South Carolina can pay for any share or portion of medical or health care costs that are not covered by Medicare depending on the plan that you get. Medigap is also known as Medicare Supplement insurance.

Medigap South Carolina plans strive to pay any out of pocket costs that result from staying in the hospital, Medicare Part B annual deductible, Medicare Part B approved services, blood products, or rehab/nursing facilities.

Medigap Insurance South Carolina does not cover prescription drugs, vision, hearing devices (hearing aids or cochlear implants), dental services, private nursing services, or long term care.

South Carolina Medigap Insurance

South Carolina Medigap Eligibility

In order to purchase a South Carolina Medigap Insurance policy, the subscriber must already use Medicare Parts A and B. With this health insurance coverage in place, the individual has the right to purchase a Medigap South Carolina policy during open enrollment. During the open enrollment individuals cannot be denied coverage or be asked medical question. Outside of this period carriers can deny you coverage based upon health. Some individuals may not be able to purchase South Carolina Medigap insurance in some situations, including having Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or an existing Medigap Insurance South Carolina policy.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

A South Carolina Medigap insurer may refuse coverage to an applicant with a known health problem or put a six months clause under the state’s pre-existing condition waiting period. Keep in mind this is only for individuals who are not in there Open Enrollment or a guaranteed issue circumstance. The insurer can establish the waiting period if and when the subscriber’s current health condition was previously diagnosed (six months prior to the start of the Medigap South Carolina coverage). According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the subscriber cannot be dropped from existing Medigap coverage. The Medigap policy is considered guaranteed coverage that is renewable by the insured as long as premiums are always paid.

South Carolina Medigap


The individual covered by Medigap Insurance South Carolina can only lose his or her insurance when and if premium payments are not received by the insurance company. In addition, the insurer can drop coverage if the insured does not provide full disclosure about his or her health status.

Compare Medigap Insurance Plans

Not all Medigap insurance plans are identical, so it is important to compare and contrast the features, benefits, and premium costs of each plan. Different insurance companies offering Medigap insurance may charge different premium amounts for similar or identical insurance plans.

Insurance sales concerns with Medigap Insurance in South Carolina

Some insurance companies use overly aggressive sales tactics, promise features and benefits that are inaccurate, or otherwise exert unfair tactics to entice the customer into the purchase of Medigap insurance. Understand that the insurance company should not encourage the purchase of another Medigap insurance policy when the subscriber already has an existing plan. Our advisors do exactly what their title it, advice. We help you compare plans and options and find the cheapest plan available to you in your area. Fill out the form on this page or call us at (855) 321-3210 for free advice on your Medicare Supplemental insurance plan.

Medigap Insurance South Carolina

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