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Mississippi Medigap Insurance

Learn More About Mississippi Medigap Insurance

A Mississippi Medigap Insurance policy is simply Medicare Supplement Insurance. The word Medigap refers to the difference in what your medical bill is and what Medicare will cover. Typically this can run as high as 20 percent of your health care costs. Having a good Medigap policy can save you quite a bit if money in your retirement years.

A Mississippi Medigap plan is available in different standard offerings. They are designated with letters and regulated by federal law. There are a total of ten plans to choose from. All ten plans have basic benefits. In fact, if all you are interested in is the basic benefit, then it is Plan A that you need to look at. The other nine plans contain everything that Plan A does but with several added benefits. It is important to first understand Plan A, then determine if the additional benefits contained in the other plans are something you are interested in.

Mississippi Medigap Insurance

Find A Medigap Plan That Fits Your Needs

Plan A functions as coinsurance for Medicare Part A and B. Within certain limitations, it will pay for the amount of the bill that Medicare does not pay for. Part A of Medicare deals with inpatient care and Plan A will help to pay for the expenses not covered in full by Medicare. The same is true with Part B, that addresses outpatient care. Plan A will cover the portion of the bill not covered by Medicare Part B. As coinsurance, Plan A may cover the rest of the bill from a Medicare approved doctor or hospital.

A Mississippi Medigap insurance policy for Plan A will also cover the first three pints of blood used that Medicare will not cover. The fourth basic benefit is payment for hospice care. Together, these four main areas of benefits represent an import supplement to Medicare. However, there are other expenses that Medicare does not cover that are added as a benefit to one or more of the other plans.

Mississippi Medigap

Better Medigap Insurance Plans Equals Better Insurance in Mississippi

An example of an additional benefit is emergency treatment while traveling in a foreign country. This benefit is provided in Plans C, F and G. This is a good example of why each plan needs to be evaluated as it applies to you. If you never travel outside of the United States, it would be a waste of money to pay higher premiums for this benefit. Look at every plan and only pay for the plan that has what you need for your health care.

Most Medicare eligible choose one of three Medicare Supplemental insurance plans, those plans are F, G & N. These plans are the most popular because they cover the most for a reasonable price. We recommend you getting a quote from one of our advisors and let you pick the plan that you think is best for you.

Medigap Insurance Mississippi

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