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Kentucky Medigap Insurance

Medigap Health Care Kentucky

Kentucky Medigap Insurance options are provided by over 30 companies within the state. Most of these Medigap Insurance Kentucky companies offer plans that include ten different package designs. All Kentucky Medigap Insurance carriers must offer the same standardized coverage plans and present their Kentucky Medigap policies by using a federal Medigap chart. Medigap is also known as Medicare Supplement insurance.

What Are the Plans Available With Medigap Insurance Kentucky?

Kentucky Medigap Insurance offers ten different plan designs. Some of these basic packages are more in demand than others. Kentucky Medigap Plan F is the more popular of the ten plans because this plan offers convenience. Kentucky Medigap Plan G is the next more popular Kentucky Medigap Insurance plan and Medigap Kentucky Plan N is in demand as well.

Kentucky Medigap Insurance

What Is Included in Kentucky Medigap Plan F?

Medigap Insurance Kentucky offers comprehensive coverage for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B deductibles. Medigap Kentucky Plan F pays for the 20 percent that Medicare does not cover. Medigap Kentucky pays for private provider bills and for hospital costs.

What Is the Payment Process for Medigap Kentucky?

There are no restrictive networks that must be used. Doctors and hospitals that accept Medicare are required to accept standardized Medigap Insurance Kentucky plans as well. A patient is not involved in the insurance claims process and all claims are processed through a Medicare crossover system. A patient does not need to file claims in order to ensure the timely payment of the claims.

What Are the Specific Guidelines for Kentucky?

The state of Kentucky does not have any tobacco use criteria as a part of its underwriting system. A consumer who turns 65 is in open enrollment or in a guaranteed issue. A consumer who is 65 years old is not limited or given higher premium rates on any previously existing conditions or because of any factors like tobacco use. Kentucky companies have gender specific rates with female rates being five to ten percent lower than male rates. There are household discounts that may be used when applying with a Medicare eligible spouse, for example. Insurance premium rates are determined in Kentucky by zip code as well. There are no statewide Kentucky rates.

Kentucky Medigap

What Are the General Guidelines for Obtaining a Kentucky Supplemental Plan?

A Kentucky Medicare supplement insurance policy may be obtained through a special enrollment when a consumer turns 65 years old. There is a guaranteed issue of a Medigap policy when a consumer has lost employer coverage, lost Medicare Advantage plan coverage or moved to a new state. Medigap insurance coverage is determined by the consumer’s age and zip code.

What Additional Options Are Available for Medigap Insurance Plans?

Medigap plans may add on certain additional coverage options or riders. An additional number of inpatient days may be added for mental health coverage, for example. Home health care visits may be enhanced with an additional 40 days of care. Part B deductibles and excess charges can be paid for by a Medigap plan. Foreign travel emergencies can be added as extended coverage while traveling.


Kentucky offers competitive pricing from over 30 insurance companies for Medicare Supplemental insurance plans. All of these companies offer a federally standardized coverage plan and ten different plan designs. Supplemental insurance plans are offered to cover the gap in medical cost that Medicare does not pay. Kentucky has specific guidelines for insurance screening. Most Medigap policies are part of a guaranteed issue or based on age and consumer zip code. Guaranteed issue may occur when a consumer has lost employer coverage, lost Medicare Advantage plan coverage or moved from another state. Outside of the above one may qualify and will have to answer health questions to see if eligible.

Medigap Insurance Kentucky

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