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Hawaii Medigap Insurance

Medigap Health Care Hawaii

Medigap Insurance Hawaii or Medigap is a current supplemental insurance that is offered by several private insurance companies within the state of Hawaii. Medigap Hawaii (some know it as Medicare Supplement Insurance) supplemental insurance can cover the portion of a medical bill that is not paid by a standard Medicare. Medicare is a government program that a number of Hawaii residents are currently using.

What Are the Medigap Insurance Hawaii Programs that Are Being Selected?

Residents of Hawaii are selecting certain Hawaii Medigap plans that have the options that are currently needed. The more popular Hawaii Medigap option is Plan F that comes with a high deductible option also. Many Hawaii Medigap Insurance beneficiaries are accepting a high deduction as a risk worth taking in order to save money on monthly premium payments. Medigap Insurance Hawaii saw over 2,000 Hawaiians enroll in Plan F during one year only.

Hawaii Medigap Insurance

What Additional Medigap Hawaii Plans are Popular?

Even though plan F is the most popular there are a total of 10 Medigap plans available. A new buyer of insurance will need to compare the plans and rate them side by side in order to select the more appropriate plan for a particular beneficiary.

What Are the Major Health Care Markets in Hawaii?

The state of Hawaii has four major types of health care delivery. Residents with private insurance or company sponsored insurance plans may use a health maintenance organization or a preferred provider organization insurance option. Public or government sponsored health care programs include a fee for service plan and a managed care plan. Medicare is currently a fee for service insurance coverage. There are certain upcoming changes to Medicare that may include a more managed care approach for provider delivery services. The upcoming health care changes may include more of a disease management and a disease prevention protocol for health care provider delivery.

Hawaii Medigap

What Are the Plans for Hawaii Medigap Insurance Programs?

Government health care programs in Hawaii are increasing. The number of Hawaiians using government health programs has increased by 29 percent during the past ten years. Private insurance coverage for residents of Hawaii has increased by only two percent. Government sponsored health care programs with Medicare or Medigap Hawaii account for 36 percent of the total health care insurance plans.

What Is a Medigap Insurance Hawaii Program?

A Hawaii Medigap health program may cover certain provider treatments and therapies. These health care delivery services can include holistic approaches to healing, proactive medical care, wellness and long term care services and outpatient hospital services. Medicare and Medigap are focused on preventive health care and managed care systems.

What Are the Additional Services Available with CMS?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) oversee a health project in Hawaii named the Demonstration. This health project provided comprehensive managed care to Medicaid beneficiaries. There has been a request to extend these services for an additional three years. These additional project services are aligned with the Affordable Care Act.


Medigap Insurance Hawaii is insurance coverage for those medical services that standard Medicare does not cover. These services may include co insurance for hospital costs, co insurance for private provider costs, hospice care, skilled nursing facility care, blood infusions, Medicare deductible payments and excess provider charges. Medigap Hawaii emphasizes managed care options, disease prevention, holistic health care and wellness plans. Additional health coverage is currently available for non-Medicaid eligible adults who are elderly and adults who are blind or disabled. Long term care is included in a Hawaii Medigap Insurance plan for the medically disabled. Medicare Supplemental insurance will be a good buy but you need to ensure you get the right plan and carrier.

Medigap Insurance Hawaii

Carriers Offered

AetnaAflacAmerican ContinentalAmerican Retirement LifeBlue Cross Blue ShieldCentral States IndemnityCignaCombined InsuranceContinental LifeEquitable LifeFamily LifeForeThoughtGerber LifeGovernment Personnel MutualHeartland NationalHumanaLoyal AmericanManhattan LifeMedicoMutual of OmahaNew EraOmaha InsuranceOxford LifePhiladelphia AmericanSentinel LifeSterling InvestorsSterling LifeStonebridge LifeUnited AmericanUnitedHealthcareUnited of OmahaUnited World

Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement Plan AMedicare Supplement Plan BMedicare Supplement Plan CMedicare Supplement Plan DMedicare Supplement Plan F • Medicare Supplement Plan F High Deductible • Medicare Supplement Plan G • Medicare Supplement Plan K • Medicare Supplement Plan L • Medicare Supplement Plan M • Medicare Supplement Plan N

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