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Costs of Medigap Insurance – FREE Quotes

Costs of Medigap Insurance

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The Medicare program is great for those people who no longer work and need health insurance. In recent years Medicare has made the news due to the available options, which are called Medicare Supplement Insurance. What some people may not know is that this Medicare insurance does not completely cover a person’s healthcare costs. In order to cover the outstanding balances more completely, a person needs to invest in Medigap insurance.

What is Medigap?
Medigap insurance is a private insurance policy that covers the gap in Medicare coverage. Medicare may pay for much of a person’s medical expenses, but it doesn’t pay for everything. Medigap will pay for those items that Medicare doesn’t pay. This includes things like annual co-pays, deductibles and any other services Medicare doesn’t cover.

When can a Person get Medigap?
When a person first becomes eligible for Medicare, he or she has a six-month window in which to purchase a Medigap premium. This is the best time to purchase Medigap, because the person is eligible for any policy that is sold in their state of residence, regardless of the person’s medical condition. This means a person in poor health can purchase a Medigap policy in their state when they first become eligible for the same price as a person who is healthy. This is the only chance an ill person has to secure these lower Medigap costs.

After the initial six-month period has passed, a person who did not purchase Medigap insurance can still purchase a policy, but there’s no guarantee that an insurance company will sell him or her the policy because of medical underwriting requirements.

Some states have what’s called Medigap SELECT. This is yet another type of Medigap insurance that a person can choose. If the insured chooses to go back to a standard Medigap policy after choosing the SELECT policy, he or she has one year, or 12 months, to make the decision.

What Services are not Covered by Medigap?
Although Medigap is an additional insurance policy, there are things that it will not cover. For instance, it is not designed to cover long-term care, such as placement in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Additionally, it does not cover any dental care like routine cleanings, fillings or denture alignments. Vision care is another thing that is not covered. This means patients are still responsible for eye exams and glasses. Hearing services and hearing aids are not covered. It also does not cover home health care services or the cost of prescription drugs.

What does Medigap cover?
As mentioned previously, Medigap is a private insurance policy, but it is not a Medicare plan. It is designed to add additional coverage to those who are already receiving Meidcare benefits. It will assist the insured in covering costs that go above and beyond what Medicare will cover. This includes both deductibles as well as excess charges. Medigap will assist with Hospice coverage.

How many Medigap plans are there?
There are 10 different Medigap plans currently available. Each of these plans is certified by the federal government as well. Not all of the 10 plans are available in every state, aside from plan A. Each plan offers different options, so the insured has the opportunity to choose which Medigap plan is best suited for his or her needs. Remember, the best time to choose a Medigap plan is in the first six months after turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare part B.

How much does Medigap cost?
Unfortunately, there is no one set price for figuring Medigap costs. However, there are three different pricing strategies that are most often used by insurance companies to determine the cost of Medigap insurance.
– Community-rated plans. These plans are sold without regard to the insured’s age. Instead, premium prices are set based on the overall health of the nation, based on figures from the previous year. This means that an older person can get the same policy for the same price as one who is newly 65.
– Issue-rated plan. This plan bases premiums on the age of the insured. In this instance, the older a person is, the higher the premium is going to be.
– Age-attained plans. These plans may start off with low premiums, but will increase as a person ages. So, the 65-year-old who got a great premium initially will see an increase in the premium price with each birthday.
Searching for the right Medigap policy can be quite confusing. Consult different people, find out what they have. Make sure to find out which policies are available in your state. Finally, remember that it’s best to enroll in a Medigap policy during the first six months of eligibility, in order to get the widest selection of insurers and the best prices.

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