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Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans FREE

Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

When trying to Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans its not always the easiest thing to do. We will assist you in finding the correct plan.

If you are about to become eligible for Medicare, it may be time to start researching all of your options. Original Medicare Insurance is designed to provide basic medical insurance coverage to elderly individuals and some individuals who qualify because of disability. While the basics are adequate for some, most individuals elect to purchase Medicare supplement insurance plans to fill in the gaps that may exist. With so many different supplement plans available from various private insurers, selecting the right supplemental plan for you can be a difficult choice. Here are some tips on how to compare Medicare supplement insurance plans so that you can make the right choice.

Understand How Each Plan Works

Just because supplement plans are sold by private insurers does not mean you are going to have to research each plan offered by each insurer. In fact, all plans are standardized and they must follow the laws that are made by federal and state authorities. All of the plans are identified by letters, ( A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N), and each plan identified by the same letter will offer the same benefits regardless of the insurer offering the coverage. This makes the process to compare Medicare supplement plans a bit easier when you are pricing the cost. While all of the coverage options within the plans are the same, it is important to keep in mind that insurers can decide how much they will charge you for the supplemental plan. Ultimately, this means that the prices may vary.

Understand How the Premium Rates Will Be Determined

Another factor you need to consider when you compare Medicare supplement insurance plans is how the premiums are determined by the company. Just like the premiums can vary, the insurance company can charge their rates in one of two ways. You must understand the difference between each way of calculating premiums and how the method used can affect your premiums in the future. Companies will either charge based on the issue age or the attained age. Here is the description of each method of premium calculations:

* Issue Age

If the company charged premiums based on the issue age, this means that the premiums will not increase as you get older. The plan premiums will remain level and the premiums will always be based on the age you were at the time of the application. While these plans may be a bit more costly initially, you will save money in the long run.

* Attained Age

Some insurers will charge premiums based on the policyholder’s attained age. This is the opposite of the issue age method because the premiums will increase each year as the policyholder gets older. You will need to budget for an increase in premiums each year when you choose an attained age supplement plan. With this being said, attained age plans are generally much more affordable initially.

Understanding How Enrollment Periods Can Benefit You

The enrollment periods for supplement plans differ from other enrollment periods and you should take time to understand them for your own benefit. All insurers are required to offer a 6-month open enrollment period from the first month that the beneficiary enrolled for Part B benefits. When you enroll within this 6-month period, the insurer must offer all applicants the same supplement plan options regardless of their health status. If you have pre-existing conditions, you can see how important it is to enroll during this open enrollment period.

Make sure you take time to evaluate all of your options during your first enrollment period so that you make the right decision. If you take time to compare all of the supplement plans available, you can find a plan you can afford that will reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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