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Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplemental Insurance can be confusing if you don’t know your options

Medicare can be very helpful on its own if you run into a situation in which you need medical assistance. This could be anything from major surgery to a prescription medication that you have to take every day until your condition gets better. However, you should know that there are certain situations in which this will not pay for everything. You are left having to make up the rest of the money on your own. In these situations, it can be very helpful to have a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan in addition to having original Medicare.

Generally speaking, the Medicare Supplemental can pay for the part of the bill that is left over after original Medicare coverage pays for the first 80%. Many individuals do not realize that original Medicare does not pick up some or all of the co-payment’s, co-insurance & deductible’s. If you did not have Medicare Supplemental then you could be responsible for those payments.

How Medicare Supplemental Insurance Helps

Medicare supplemental insurance is supposed to work along with original Medicare so that you are not left paying it all on your own. Instead, most just think that they do not need any coverage since Medicare is there for them, and most ignore the Medicare Supplemental coverage that is offered. This is a very dangerous thing to do. From a financial standpoint, you are taking a huge risk if you are willing to rely on Medicare to pay for all of the costs and bills that are incurred.

The best thing about Medicare Supplemental Ins is that in most cases it does not cost as much as a  insurance plan that you may have been on in the past. The reason for this is simply that the coverage will never be used to pay for all of your costs, Medicare would be primary and the Medicare Supplemental Insurance would be secondary. The bill that the insurance company gets on your behalf is going to be a fraction of the total bill. The provider will not know exactly what this cost will be since every case is different, but it is no assumption to know that the cost will be reduced. This makes the Medicare Supplemental coverage very affordable, even if you are living on a rather strict budget.

Medicare Supplemental Premiums & Carriers

As long as you are paying your premium on time, you will not have to worry about a carrier dropping you do to claims history. If you decide to go without Medicare Supplemental insurance, you should know that you are taking a financial risk. It is possible to get by without the coverage, but the amount that Medicare will cover is always changing. There is no telling what is going to be covered when you need it. Do you really want to live in a constant state of anxiety and stress? Having a low-cost plan for additional insurance will take all/most of this stress out of your life. You will get to relax, knowing that you have full coverage (depending the plan you choose) no matter what happens in the future.


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