Medicare Part B premiums won’t go up in 2014

Medicare Part B premium & deductible won’t go up in 2014

Medicare officials announced Monday (10/29/2013) that the “Part B” premium most seniors pay for outpatient care will remain the same for 2014 — at $104.90 per month.

That’s good news for beneficiaries, following a $5-per-month increase here in 2013.

The Part B deductible, the annual amount beneficiaries pay before Medicare outpatient coverage starts, will also remain the same at $147, officials announced Monday. But the hospital care deductible or better known as Part A deductible is going up by $32 in 2014. Going from $1,184 to $1,216 in 2014.

Monthly premiums paid by upper-income beneficiaries, those above $85,000 a year, or $170,000 for married couples, will also stay unchanged.

If you have any questions about the 2014 changes please do not hesitate to contact our licensed advisors here at Medigap Provider’s.

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Two thoughts on “Medicare Part B premiums won’t go up in 2014

  1. Both me and my husband love to see this but it is a little scary to see what may happen in 2015. Does this mean that the Part B deductible for plan G that I have with one of your advisors wont go up?

    Thanks, Anne

    1. Hi Anne,

      We have noticed that Medicare typically raises the deductibles and premiums every couple years. Which they did this year, so we were kind of hoping that they wouldn’t go up in 2014. We will keep you informed throughout the years with any updates. And to answer your questions – you are correct! The part B deductible will stay at $147 at the doctors office for plan G in 2014. We look forwards to serving you for years to come! Thanks Anne!

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