Are you new to Medicare and want to learn how to get a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plan?

Are you new to Medicare and want to learn how to get a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plan?

Are you new to Medicare and want to learn how to get a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plan?

Medigap insurance is also known as “Medicare Supplement” insurance.

As one of the largest healthcare coverage providers in America, Medicare is the government’s way of providing affordable healthcare to millions that need it. Whether you recently have turned 65, or you have reached 24 months of Social Security benefits, qualifying and obtaining Medicare can be an added benefit and provide piece of mind for healthcare related expenses. The reality is, however, that Medicare is a government agency and is subject to limited services and coverage options due to a strict budget. For this reason, many people choose Medigap or Medicare advantage plans to fill in coverage gaps. There are many things to consider when choosing the right Medigap plan for you, and by following certain guidelines, you can maximize your coverage and save money in the long run.

Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Guide – CLICK HERE

Medigap policies are designed to offer supplemental coverage to Medicare recipients. While Medicare Advantage companies may only offer a limited network of doctor’s and services in your area, Medigap policies are especially designed to work with a larger network of providers, as long as the doctor/hospital accepts Medicare then your Medigap policy has to be accepted by law. It is important to evaluate your personal healthcare needs and decide accordingly. There are 10 different plans available, varying between Plans A-N.

Medigap Plan Chart Comparisons – CLICK HERE

Traditional Medicare offers part D insurance which covers pharmacy and prescription drug benefits (this is not included in a Medigap policy). The part D drug plan can be beneficial to Medicare recipients, but a Medigap policy will offer added savings for coverage at hospital & doctors offices. The benefit of Medigap plans is that some plans are especially designed for members with certain life threatening conditions & those who want to be covered if any were to come up in the future. Each person will have different circumstances and needs when choosing a Medigap policy, so it is necessary to learn about the benefits of each Medigap plan.

The best reason to choose a Medigap plan is to save money and maximize coverage over time. Traditional Medicare provides broad coverage and will leave you with deductible, co-payments & coinsurance. It is necessary to look for and purchase a more personalized plan to your specific needs and affordability. Medicare will continue to be your main insurance. Medigap policies fill in the gaps that Medicare leaves behind to give you a better piece on mind. If you have certain health conditions that require close attention or monitoring, a Medigap policy is a must as many companies have plans designed specifically for members with delicate health issues. Medicare and Medigap plans work hand in hand to provide detailed, effective, and affordable insurance to those that need it most.

Our agency helps you understand the different types of Medigap plans & options available to you in your specific state. We will compare and explain each plan along with giving you quote details on the carries in your area. If you would like to speak with a specialist about your options or to get a better understanding of Medicare and Medigap insurance please give us a call at (855) 321-3210. If you are just looking for a quote comparison please fill out the form on this page and one will be available to you.  


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Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement Plan AMedicare Supplement Plan BMedicare Supplement Plan CMedicare Supplement Plan DMedicare Supplement Plan F • Medicare Supplement Plan F High Deductible • Medicare Supplement Plan G • Medicare Supplement Plan K • Medicare Supplement Plan L • Medicare Supplement Plan M • Medicare Supplement Plan N

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